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DUI Defense

“Mr. J Jones was my best investment yet. He helped me beat my cases. One was over the phone, which is rarely heard of. The other was at trial! Great personality and tells you how it is. The greatest lawyer out there. Thanks again. I appreciate all your hard work!!!!“ Dominic S.

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Divorce/Custody Family Law

“J. is truly an attorney/mediator who looks out for the best interest of the parents and the children. He was not looking to just make a buck off of me, instead he provided knowledge to get my situation done in the lowest cost plus the best interest of everyone. I recommend J. to anyone who is going through child custody. I have had 3 attorneys previously who were more interested in money than the family. He listens and his knowledge in this field is outstanding.” Travis N.

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Divorce Diagnostics Learn your Options w/ No Pressure to Hire

“Just knowing that we could create a plan was everything. I told my family about you & how you’re more a spiritual advisor instead of a legal advisor. It was a gift that we met you.” J Reinhardt

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Wills/Estate Planning

“It’s always a good idea to have affairs in order, right?” Ruthie S.



J. Jones, Esq

Founding Attorney
G.W. Law Dean’s Fellow w/ 20 years of experience in family law, DUIs, & estate planning. A consummate listener & legal practitioner. A good lawyer who gives a damn. Passionate, award winning singer of Jazz Ballads, EDM lover, and scone aficionado.



Available by phone, in person or via Skype