July 21, 2015


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With 20 years of experience as a divorce attorney, guardian ad litem, child and family investigator, in mediations, and as a parent who won his own custody battle, I know one thing…you didn’t want to be here. We will work together to define where you want to go from here and then get you to a better place.

If it’s a custody issue, we can fight for what’s best for your children and keep them safe. Complex financial issues? There’s always a way to sort those out. Need to relocate with kiddos? Let’s show the Court why that’s good for them. Need to fight relocation? Let’s show why your kiddos need to be near you. Being denied visitation? Let’s get you court ordered visitation. Same sex relationship with or without kiddos? You have rights and deserve respect. Let’s make sure you get that respect.

DIFFICULT EX? – Your Ex is an Ex for a reason…and you just know they’re going to make this hell. Well, we can handle that too. Look, this will not be my first or last case where someone is stuck on stupid. You can’t fix stupid BUT you can make it painful and expensive. I’m here to protect you from that nonsense.

Check out what some of my clients have said about having me in their corner and call me at 720-248-8547. I look forward to helping you.

Kindest regards,


J. Jones

Ernie A.
J was great to work with. He listened, then set a good expectation of what could be done in my cases. He then followed through with strong communication and the end result was exactly what was expected in all 3 cases he worked for me and family.

Travis N. –
J. Is truly an attorney/mediator who looks out for the best interest of the parents and the children. He was not looking to just make a buck off of me, instead he provided knowledge to get my situation done in the lowest cost plus the best interest of everyone. I recommend j to anyone who is going through child custody. I have had 3 attorneys previously who were more interested in money than the family. He listens and his knowledge in this field is outstanding.

Ian N. –
Let me preface this by saying that it is very difficult to achieve anything by yourself through family court. I was lucky to have been introduced to J.Jones in regards to my family matters. He was with me every step of the way. He was honest, told me at every step what my options were, what the best choices were, and always had an idea of what next to do to get what I want. It impressed me that he was brutally honest with me where a lot of people would’ve sugarcoated their words. He not only got me what I wanted but made it so I made the right choice to recieve more of a foothold into the future. His quality of work was always outstanding. If you’re looking for someone whose willing to be by your side at every step, who will give you the best options and advice, there is no one better then J. Thank you J. for all that you’ve done for me and my family.


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